Programming . January 31, 2024 . By Ankit Pathak

What is Clean Code Architecture?

What is Clean Code Architecture?

­čö╣The concept of Clean Code Architecture is inspired by the SOLID principles, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and other best practices in software development.

­čö╣Clean Code Architecture is a set of principles and practices that aimed at creating modular, maintainable and scalable Software Systems.

­čö╣ It emphasizes separating the concerns and organizing code in a way that makes it very easy to understanding, testing and extending.


Key Principles:

­čîčSeparation of concerns: Organizes code into distinct layers with specific responsibilities like promoting maintainability, testability and adaptability.

­čîčDependency rule: Code can be only depend on the inner layers and isolating business logic from external factors and reducing coupling.

­čîčAbstraction: Interacts with outer layers interfaces, abstract classes through abstractions and shielding the core business logic from implementation details.

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