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The Perfect Meeting

The Perfect Meeting

58% of our time is spent in meetings.  Yikes!  Try this:

Ever felt stuck in endless meetings?

You’re not alone.

We spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings.

Twice as much as the 1960s.
(Harvard Business Review)

Personally, my favorite is NO meetings.

But if you are going to have them –

The Perfect Meeting


Use my 8 tips to make meetings more productive:

1. Start on Time:
Kick off on the dot. Time waits for no one.

2. Small Groups:
Use the ‘Two Pizza Rule’ – 6 to 8 people (Amazon)

3. Defined Agenda:
If it’s not on the agenda, it’s not in the meeting.

4. Leaders Go Last:
Open the floor before you open your thoughts.

5. Live Polls:
Quick polls = quick decisions. Keep the momentum.

6. Tech Check:
Glitch in tech? Not on your watch.

7. Stand-Up Format:
Stay on your toes, literally. Make it brief.

8. Silent Brainstorming:
Quiet time for loud ideas. Let the pens do the talking.

“The way to get started is to quit
talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney

Which tip will you try this week?

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